399 Days


Back on track💃

It’s been about two weeks since i worked out, the family crisis the first week then the garage was too full. I finally got me garage back but ten minutes in my heart rate is already in the 130s and spiking. So, I’m biking, heart rate still accelerates but steadily.

Poor Service

Some towns just have awful medical service; unfortunately, mine is one of them.

Two weeks ago i went to the emergency room for pain, i couldn’t tell if it was my girlie parts or my back. There was nobody else there triage called me back literally as i sat down. And he got me right back into a room after doing vitals and asking questions, he told me my nurse would be in shortly.

Shortly turned in to nearly an hour before i finally got up and started making my way to the nurses station. A girl walked past me and i asked her if they forgot about me. She irritatedly replied that they didn’t and doctor would be in when she can, and kept walking. I went back to the room, which was a bed with no sheet, door and curtains wide opened and i could see the nurses station. Why was nobody checking on me?

I sat there a bit longer and decided maybe i should ask somebody at the actual nurses station. So i got up and started back over there. By the way, i didn’t push the call button because there wasn’t one.

The guy looked up and said, “can i help you?”. I asked him if they forgot about me. He rudely answered, “nobody forgot about you, you just have to wait til the doctor is free to see you.”

I went back to the bed. At this point it’s been over an hour, normally you get a nurse who introduces themself, someone does your vitals, they offer a blanket, and they shut the curtains for privacy. At least i had entertainment.

I could see the staff hanging out and enjoying their freetime. And i could hear them all laughing and making fun of the emt that called in a heart attack they were bringing in. Pretty unprofessional but whatever.

Two hours after my arrival doctor finally came in. She said she’d do an ultrasound to check for a cyst, do some blood work, gave me some pain meds and left me to be. The morphine was a relief, it didn’t kill the pain but took the edge off.

Ultrasound was normal so they decided it was a pulled muscle. They didn’t do xrays or ct anything. She said i could have damaged something, but i don’t remember the name. She said they had to test it with puncture type of test they didn’t want to do unless they had to. But if the pain gets worse or changes, come back.

At 0630 she said i can go. I signed all my stuff and right after i got dressed they came in to do my vitals! Wtf i was already released😱 they never did my vitals since triage and i was there for four hours!

The next day i called my obgyn, he is on vacation until the 8th. They had another doctor look at my ultrasound and said it was normal. They said next opening for my doctor is the 18th so i took it.

Meanwhile, two weeks have passed and im still in pain, sometimes debilitating. Last night i slept like dog shit. I kept waking up in pain, sometimes even in my dreams i could feel it. About 0400 hours i woke up and my bladder was killing me, felt like a cystitis flare up. I haven’t had a flare up in a long time. I got up and took pyridium.

Today i finally broke down and called my regular doctor, who i loathe. At first she said she’d talk to the nurse and see if they wanted to see me today or another day, then she asked about bladder issues and i told her about this morning.

She put me on hold for a few then came back to tell me to come in and do a ua and that would take at least 45 minutes for results, then they’d fit me in. So i went in and did that and went back about an hour later.

She brought me right back and did vitals and all that jazz. Then doctor j came in. He immediately chewed me out for taking pyridium before a ua. I told him i wasn’t aware at 4am that i would be coming in for a ua. He replied with, “even so you can’t take pyridium before a ua, it messes up the test.” No shit sherlock you just fucking said that you idiot.

He said despite the fact i took pyridium, the ua looked good. I told him i didn’t think i had a uti anyway, it feels like a cystitis flareup. He said, “a what?” I repeated it and he wrote down whatever… he probably had to go look it up after i left. Probably doesn’t know what cystitis is any more than he knew what glutamine is.

He asked what i was there for then. I told him about my hospital visit and ultrasound and that they did no xray or anything. He looked it up and said, “well looks like they already did the workup for me.”

He told me he’ll send my urine in for further testing but back pain takes weeks and even months to heal. He said if it isn’t better in a couple weeks to come back and he’ll do an xray. 😵

He said he hurt his back two months ago and it’s just now starting to feel better. So what is it? He’s in pain so i should be too? That was that and he sent me on my way.

I’m pretty disheartened right now, feels like nobody ive seen thus far really gives a fuck about this pain. If i was asking for pain meds all the time I’d understand, but i rarely do. I’m scared of medication. I just want this fixed, that’s all.

Chronic interstitial cystitis: a disease that causes your bladder to spasm and bleed.


Why do i take carnitine? Firstly, it converts fat into energy. I’m fat, so it should give me lots of energy🙃

It also decreases muscle soreness, helps prevent muscle damage and improves recovery time. It helps protect the heart from inflammation and also helps regulate blood sugar. Carnitine works well with ALA (alpha lipoic acid) which I also take.

One can eat more carbs and get away with it, in fact it works best with carbs,,, perfect!! I eat allot of fried potatoes; it’s my favourite, I can’t help it!

Some side effects include; nausea, vomiting, cramping and diarrhea.. usually in high doses. High blood pressure and tachycardia. <— well you got me there, but personally I feel the benefit outweighs the risk. When I get back down to 24% fat my heart issues will be null. My goal atm is 18%.

Less common side effects are muscle weakness in people with kidney failure and seizures in people with a seizure disorder.

Contraindications are Warfarin (a blood thinner), hypothyroidism and a history of seizures. I can find no other.

All in all I think l-carnitine is another important supplement for not only bodybuilders, but also people who just want to be healthy.


First of all, let me just point out that I am not a doctor. This is merely my research on one of many supplements that I take. Just to give concerned followers my justified reasoning for taking said supplement.

L-glutamine is a nonessential amino acid that supports the immune system. For best results, I need to get my B vitamins, especially B12 (which is another supplement I take) as it helps keep glutamine at the appropriate level.

L-glutamine has many benefits; including suppression of insulin levels, stabilizing glucose. Enabling the body to build rather than lose muscle and decreasing recovery time, essential for a bodybuilder.

There are; of course, many other benefits of l-glutamine. Such as healing ulcers, counteracting inflammation, intestinal health, balancing pH levels and improving brain health. The bottom line? L-glutamine is a paramount supplement.

There are some contraindications; such as cancer meds, seizure meds, lactoluse (which is a treatment for constipation), kidney and liver disease, cancer and Reyes Syndrome (a rare condition of swelling in the liver and brain)… I don’t have any of those things, so I needn’t worry.

Common side effects include nausea, headache, rash and dry mouth. Severe side effects include worsening liver disease, mania, seizures and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome (a syndrome usually contracted by people after eating Chinese food, most likely linked to MSG).

Again, I’ve had none of this, and I’ve been taking it for close to two years. So this is one supplement down, explaining why I take it. I hope this was helpful for anyone questioning this particular choice.