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Back on the Horse

I think I’ve lifted and biked every day this week thus far. I’m happy to be back on track finally😁 Also, i am 237 days dry🙀🎊 back on trackbikingexerciselifting weightsno excusessobriety

Miss Sil Will Prevail

One hour of lifting and I plan to bike this afternoon. Also, i took my multi and the biotin…i think im gonna add two or three every three days, that way i know for sure which one was causing headaches. back on trackbiotinBodybuildinglifting weightsmulti vitamin


Back on track💃 It’s been about two weeks since i worked out, the family crisis the first week then the garage was too full. I finally got me garage back but ten minutes in my heart rate is already in the 130s and spiking. So, I’m biking, heart rate still accelerates but steadily. exerciseHealthlifting weightslose…