Timmy’s Kitten

Copyright @ 2013 Hattaavah

This thing I feel deep within myself
Is nothing for the back of a bookshelf
The heat in my heart; pure, voracious love
Unrestricted, nourishing, like iron rich blood

This one: very exceptional, sexy individual
I crave to give him everything in my world
He takes away all the terrible nite horseys
My protector, my best friend, all that I see

He makes me so happy, loving life
Delicious as a bloody Grande sunrise
Knows just how to make the warmth flow
Forever with him I desire to grow

What can I do to brighten his day?
I love him and need him in every way
Each passing moment my appreciation expands
I cherish and adore this precious man

And here I sit at my lover’s table
Counting the moments til I am able
To kiss his luscious lips, my handsome Tim
I’ll purr in his ear as I am his kitten