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Back on the Horse

I think I’ve lifted and biked every day this week thus far. I’m happy to be back on track finally😁 Also, i am 237 days dry🙀🎊 back on trackbikingexerciselifting weightsno excusessobriety

Muscle Memory Rocks

I’ve frequently contemplated, over the last couple months while my lifting has been minimum to null, if muscle memory exists. Not only have i not been working out, i haven’t been taking my supplements, including creatine. Despite this, I’m seeing quick progress in muscle appearance. I was debating on front loading the creatine once i…

Day 116

I considered taking a break day since i didn’t get up at 0200 and bike… instead, i did everything like a good girl🙀 all in one shotBodybuildingget it doneno excuses

Day 110.1

I had to keep it pretty steady to keep my heart rate from going too high, it spiked immediately upon beginning. But it had to be done, despite my sickening headache. bikingheadacheno excuses

Day 087.2

I don’t know how i did it, well, yes i do. Tim pushed me through, i started with no energy and i got through it nonetheless:) Bodybuildingget it doneno excuses