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Day 134.2

Better late than never. I accidentally took a four hour nap when i got home from work… but i made myself get up and get it done. better late than neverget up and gono excuses

Day 116

I considered taking a break day since i didn’t get up at 0200 and bike… instead, i did everything like a good girl🙀 all in one shotBodybuildingget it doneno excuses

Day 110.1

I had to keep it pretty steady to keep my heart rate from going too high, it spiked immediately upon beginning. But it had to be done, despite my sickening headache. bikingheadacheno excuses

Day 087.2

I don’t know how i did it, well, yes i do. Tim pushed me through, i started with no energy and i got through it nonetheless:) Bodybuildingget it doneno excuses

Day 042: Second Workout

I was gonna just do a partial workout, then i thought no, at least an hour. Than i was thinking as i was pushing myself,,,if i shorten it I’m hurting my progress in the big picture… Moral: if you skip exercises to get done quickly, you’re only hurting yourself. Bodybuildingdon’t sell yourself shortno excuses