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Muscle Memory Rocks

I’ve frequently contemplated, over the last couple months while my lifting has been minimum to null, if muscle memory exists. Not only have i not been working out, i haven’t been taking my supplements, including creatine. Despite this, I’m seeing quick progress in muscle appearance. I was debating on front loading the creatine once i…

Day 087.2

I don’t know how i did it, well, yes i do. Tim pushed me through, i started with no energy and i got through it nonetheless:) Bodybuildingget it doneno excuses

Day 042: Second Workout

I was gonna just do a partial workout, then i thought no, at least an hour. Than i was thinking as i was pushing myself,,,if i shorten it I’m hurting my progress in the big picture… Moral: if you skip exercises to get done quickly, you’re only hurting yourself. Bodybuildingdon’t sell yourself shortno excuses

Just Do It

It’s my bedtime in 18 minutes and i should have been done two hours ago, but i didn’t make excuses and just not do it today and I’m very proud of myself:) Bodybuildingno excuses