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Just Do It

It’s my bedtime in 18 minutes and i should have been done two hours ago, but i didn’t make excuses and just not do it today and I’m very proud of myself:) Bodybuildingno excuses

Ten Days to Judgement Day

Update: Carizma says twenty pounds is unreasonable, so I’ll go for ten. — I have ten days to lose twenty pounds. I can do this, two pounds a day…I just can’t eat garbage food, drink lots of water, bike twice a day and workout out at least once a day. 😄 I have a Dr…

Day 500

Today is the 500th day since I began my bodybuilding journey. Man, imagine had i made it past 120 sober days…or even if I hadn’t switched from beer to those delicious b52s and gained all that weight back… but alas, regretting won’t get me anywhere. So with that said, the journey continues on.. and we…

Day 450

I really had to push myself through every single exercise, but I did it, 70 minutes.. now I’m biking… and I’ll be free to do as a please for the rest of the day. Bodybuildingget it doneno excuses