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Two Weeks Official

Well, two whole weeks dry:) And it’s been around 36 hours since my last dose of acai, which I believe is the culprit of my ailments. The hearing in my right ear is nearly completely restored, and my left ear, probably only about 70% deaf now. I have significant sinus drainage and I’m coughing shit…

Ten Days to Judgement Day

Update: Carizma says twenty pounds is unreasonable, so I’ll go for ten. — I have ten days to lose twenty pounds. I can do this, two pounds a day…I just can’t eat garbage food, drink lots of water, bike twice a day and workout out at least once a day. 😄 I have a Dr…

Day 005

Today I was asked if I workout or use to because of the way I carry myself, and because I like to wear wife beaters😊 Tells me I’m making progress 🎉 Bodybuildingprogress