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Get up Sil

Three days to my appointment, I’m going to ask him to check my iron, potassium, magnesium, e, d, b complex, folate, copper, coq10, zinc and thyroid.⏳ I gotta get to the bottom of this shit.. hopefully it’s just residual effects lingering from vodka. ☠ BTW it’s been eighty days since i had a drink. Hey…

10 miles: 43 minutes

Day 365 (biking) So I couldn’t keep my eyes opened for the flash so I said screw it I’ll do it with them closed. Whatever. And holy shit it’s been a year. 0200 hoursbikingperseverancewillpower

10 miles: 51 minutes

I do not feel good, I hope it’s not connected to the significant amount of rapid palpitations I was having yesterday. .. I’m gonna take some extra supplements today. bikingget up and gojust do itwillpower